We're incredibly proud of our Rum - Subtly sweet Rum with intense chocolate and vanilla, prominent cinnamon and clove notes. Delectably delicious Rum made in the UK

Best rum made in the UK | Miles and Moone

There are many different types of rum on the market today; it can be difficult to choose the right one for your palate. Here at Miles and Moone we have handcrafted the perfect rums for you. We have selected two of our finest which are both extremely smooth. One is dark and the other is golden but both full of flavour.


What is Spiced Dark Rum?

When it comes to spiced dark rum, the flavors can be even more varied. The type of spices used can influence the final flavor profile of the rum. 

The flavors that can be found in our spiced dark rum include:

  • Vanilla: This is a common flavor in many types of rum, but it is particularly pronounced in spiced dark rum. The vanilla flavor impart a sweet, creamy flavor to the rum.
  • Cinnamon and Clove: These spices add a warm, spicy note to the rum.
  • Chocolate: This note contributes to the smooth sensation of a well-aged rum.

In conclusion, spiced dark rum is a spirit with a rich and complex flavor profile. From the sweet notes of vanilla to the warming spices, each sip offers a unique tasting experience. Whether you're a seasoned rum enthusiast or a curious newcomer, exploring the flavors of spiced dark rum is a journey worth embarking on.

What is Gold Rum?

Gold rum, also known as amber rum, is a medium-bodied rum that is darker than light rum but lighter than dark rum, making it a popular choice for sipping or for use in cocktails.

The flavor of gold rum can vary greatly and the flavors that can be found in our gold rum include:

  • Sweet molasses: provides a nice, sweet depth to the drink.
  • Caramel: This adds a smooth and velvety finish with a delicious taste.

Gold rum is a versatile and flavorful type of rum that is a great addition to any liquor cabinet. Whether you prefer to sip it neat, on the rocks, or use it in cocktails, gold rum offers a rich and complex flavor that is sure to please. So why not explore the rich flavors of gold rum and discover your new favorite spirit?

We are a Bolton (UK) based company and we pride ourselves on quality and providing the best rum to our customers.

We taste all rums throughout the process; only the best is bottled.

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