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Here at Miles & Moone we are passionate about creating handcrafted Vodka and our new addition to the family, Rum.

Filtered through our special filtration system, providing ultimate purity, leaving a smooth and beautiful finish.

We have a delicious range of drinks suitable for every taste.

Whether you want to round up the gang on a Friday night, or simply relax on a Tuesday evening, we are sure to have a flavour suitable for every occasion.

You may have drank many vodkas and rums, but you've tasted nothing like ours...


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  • Some of our personal favourites

    Here is where you can find our personal favourites.

    Taste tested by us and many of our friends with a lot of hangovers induced and great feedback. We have a range of tastes that are certain to satisfy everyone. /collections/personalised-favourites

  • At Miles and Moone you can find our personal favourites, taste tested by our friends and family, young and old, lemonade and tonic. We have a range of tastes that is certain to satisfy every pallet.


    Recently recommended by Creative Tourist for our unique range of flavours.

    You can read the article here:

    Miles and Moone | Handcrafted vodka in the North (creativetourist.com)

    Creative Tourist 
  • Our Views

    We are passionate about bringing you the smoothest, purest neutral spirit possible. Although the packaging is attractive and funky, it's really what's inside that counts.

    Each bottle is personally and individually handcrafted for your consumption, from the placing of the labels, down to the delicate flavouring and colouring.

    Handcrafted... just for you.