A little bit about Us

An idea for Miles and Moone began during the Pandemic, being home with plenty to think about, and a lot to drink - it started as a joke about making our own alcohol due to the shortage on the shelves - and no one wanted to be without alcohol, never mind the loo roll. 

We started to look into the market and realised everyone was Gin crazy, and yet, as Vodka drinkers ourselves, realised there wasn't much variety of flavour on the market. This was our 'lightbulb moment' to do something about it. After 'A LOT' of research and a LOT of hangovers, we have been able to create the purest of vodka with a niche range of flavours, and Miles and Moone was born. 

This has been an exciting journey, and we hope you love our range just as much as we do.